TRY Business at Oslo Innovation Week September 23rd: Engagement is the key to the future

Skrevet av TRY

Discover the power of engagement at Oslo Innovation Week with TRY - Business, the Nobel Peace Center, and the Norwegian Business School (BI).

Learn how engagement and dialogue shape future organizational success, explore TRY's strategies and methodology for involvement across the  value chain, what businesses can learn from the Nobel Peace Prize laureates' dialogue work, and BI's research on engaging customers and employees.

Date: September, 23rd

Time: 14:00-15:30

Place: Nobel Peace Center

We will update further information as the event approaches.

We have a limited capacity of 150 seats, so early expression of interest is advised. We prioritize participants based on relevance to ensure the best possible event.


  • Christian Braathen

    Christian Braathen

    TRY Design

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