Strategy is about defining goals and direction. TRY provides advice based on thorough analyses in line with the customer’s goals and values.


Our Services

  • Strategic communication is all about setting long-term goals and using them as guidelines for all communication work. TRY can assist with thorough analysis and suggest appropriate activities in close dialogue with the client.

  • Companies no longer sell just a product but an experience and a relationship. We help you chart and improve the customer journey to make it as good as possible.

  • Changing the name of a business can be challenging. A new name must not have any negative associations, must be trademarkable, and must work visually. At TRY, we have extensive experience with name development and can help you with the entire process of changing your business’s name.

  • The perception of a company is often shaped by the stories that are told about it. You can define how you want to be perceived and experienced with a clear brand strategy. This ensures that the target group always recognizes the story of the company in all channels and media.

  • Our advisors have excellent knowledge of digital media as communication channels and know how to create engagement and loyalty among target groups with various conceptual directions. At TRY, we develop engaging solutions that the public eagerly adopts and talks about.

  • Design and technology choices affect how the public perceives and understands a company. We help you develop strategies for the effective use of design and technology so that your brand is perceived as attractive and complete.

  • A good content strategy gives you a full overview of what to do and which channels to use. At TRY, we develop clear strategies for content for all channels and outlets based on insight and analysis.

Strategy Key people

  • Sindre Beyer

    Sindre Beyer



  • Lene Vintervoll

    Lene Vintervoll

    TRY Innhold

    Head of content

  • Kaare Øystein Trædal

    Kaare Øystein Trædal

    TRY Dig


  • Tonje Jæger

    Tonje Jæger

    TRY Design

    Head of Design

  • Gunnar Stensaker

    Gunnar Stensaker

    TRY Opt