Insights and analytics

Insights and analytics make it possible to understand what your target audience cares about, what drives them, and which channels they are present on. This gives you more control over the context in which you operate.


At TRY, we have our own team of insight and analysis experts. Our consultants enjoy working across the many disciplines at TRY, and we use a wide range of approaches and methods when solving problems for our clients.  

We have extensive experience using qualitative and quantitative methods, and we can help you with everything from driver analysis, keyword analysis, and website optimization to surveys, political analysis, and stakeholder mapping. 

We have access to large databases such as Consumer & Media and collaborate with external analysis agencies such as Ipsos, Kantar, Norstat, and YouGov.

Our Services

  • A health check for digital media gives you an overall picture of your company's visibility. Our consultants uncover gaps and point out opportunities for improvement, so you can optimize the visibility of your digital media.

  • Are you wondering what your customers want or how the public sees your business? We can help you find out. With analysis tools and research, our consultants survey what your customers really think so that you can have a sound basis for your decision-making.

  • Does your idea solve a problem, or is your target audience willing to pay to have it solved? At TRY, we have extensive experience in organizing market research for our customers.

  • With UX insights from TRY, you get a clear picture of what your target audience needs, all while challenging your hypotheses. UX insights make it possible for you to know how—and why—a digital service should be developed.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about making sure that your content is visible in search engines. We can also use various analytical tools in connection with SEO and insight analysis to find valuable information about your target group and consumers in general.

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