Design is an important discipline, but the term “design” is broad and has many different meanings depending on the task at hand. This is why TRY takes a holistic approach that puts the needs of our clients first.


Our Services

  • A new visual identity or makeover can help your brand stand out in the marketplace, highlight changes, engage your target audience, and contribute to growth. At TRY, we have extensive experience in developing visual identities that always begin with engaging storytelling and clear strategies.

  • Our designers are highly skilled at developing packaging designs, product lines, and concepts for grocery and specialist trade. We can develop attention-grabbing packaging design to make your product stand out on the shelf, regardless of whether it’s in a physical store or sold online.

  • To create good user experiences, the user should always be in focus. Our UX designers specialize in interaction design, prototyping, insights analysis, SEO, and consulting. Together we create user-friendly and intuitive services for our customers.

  • Illustration is an important tool in visual communication. Tailored illustrations can simplify your message and make it more exciting when you need to show what a business is doing or explain a context.

  • Vivid graphics make it easier to capture the attention of an impatient audience, and animations are an effective tool in visual storytelling. TRY has multiple experienced animators ready to help you put any creative concept into motion.

  • The perception of companies is often shaped by the stories being told about them. With a clear brand strategy we define how we wish to appear, so that the target group will always recognize your company’s story in all channels.

  • Music is an integral part in setting the mood and tone of a film. Audio design will also help drive the animation and bring life to the film. At TRY, we have in-house audio specialists and a dedicated recording studio. Our audio designers have experience working on commercials, animations, games, and can deliver complete soundscapes for all kinds of films. Our audio team also has in-depth musical knowledge, technical insights, and a distinct ear for detail.

  • Service design is about developing, planning, and organizing services. At TRY, we work across disciplines to deliver agile and profitable customer journeys built on user insight, business understanding, and technology.

  • All the surfaces around us communicate something. Our surroundings are therefore an important arena for communication and dissemination. Using colors, materials, interactive solutions, combined with light and sound, we create spaces that reflect your brand.

  • In today's market, typography plays an increasingly important role, and with the right font, your brand can achieve distinctiveness and a consistent visual expression. At TRY, we develop distinct fonts that meet all technical and functional requirements, in keeping with your company’s identity and strategy.