Communication and PR

Our experienced advisors have political, journalism, administration, and business backgrounds. Together, we make it easier for you to succeed with strategic communication.


Our Services

  • At TRY, our team has extensive experience in strategic communication and consulting. We can help you develop plans that make it easier for your company to reach its communication goals.

  • Good management and change communication are all about using experience-based tools to support managers, management teams, and businesses through restructuring processes and employer branding. We assist in developing messages and communication for restructuring and change processes in both the private and public sectors.

  • Developing strategies and conveying messages that strengthen reputation is important. Dialogue with stakeholders and premise providers is part of this work. TRY’s advisors have backgrounds in national politics and business and in-depth knowledge of decision-making processes.

  • The correct use of personal data requires detailed knowledge of GDPR and privacy regulations. At TRY, we have experienced consultants who can assist in areas such as the use of customer data, cookies, consent processes, and legitimate interests.

  • Trust and credibility are crucial to a business. TRY has in-depth knowledge of financial markets and society and is happy to assist you with IPOs, mergers, and acquisitions. We also have extensive experience in financial reporting, investor relations, stakeholder analysis, and media management.

  • We offer individual and group media training and tailor solutions for each assignment. Media training emphasizes practical training in front of the camera, or in our sound studio, with real situations and dilemmas for the participants.

  • Thorough preparation is a prerequisite for stable crisis management. Our advisors will help you with realistic exercises, tools, and coaching so that your organization is fully prepared in the event of a crisis.

  • Does your organization need more legs to stand on? At TRY, our advisors have extensive experience in business development and can assist you when you want to take your company in a new direction.