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Advertising should have only one goal: it should work. Since 1998, our creators, designers, consultants, and project managers have created some of Norway’s best-liked campaigns, with communication that excites and moves people.


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  • A concept establishes the foundation that brings the strategy to life and provides direction for activity and campaigns over time. A good communication concept is long-term and media-independent and fulfills the brand’s total communication needs. We have been producing award-winning concepts for over 20 years.

  • In all campaigns, the good idea—the concept—is always the starting point and what determines its development. Although some campaigns are only shown in traditional channels, most campaigns today are distributed in many media channels simultaneously, in different formats, and in different channels.

  • A good communication strategy defines what to say to your target audience, when to say it, and where. Tactical communication can lift short-term sales, while brand-building communications can increase popularity and contribute to more sales in the long term. Therefore, it is important to make short-term and long-term plans for the brand’s campaigns and activities based on overall goals.

  • In TRY, we have extensive experience in planning and purchasing media placements. Our consultants have expert knowledge of all channels, from cinema, TV, and radio to display, programmatic and contextual advertising, social media, paid search, and influencer marketing. We can help you with mass communication and targeted marketing in all media.

  • In TRY, we work with many of Norway’s strongest and best-liked brands. Through engaging marketing, built on strategy, creativity, and conscious choice of channels, we give our customers’ target groups good reasons to prefer them.

  • The perception of a company is often shaped by the stories being told about it. With a clear brand strategy, you define how you should appear and be experienced so that the target group always recognizes your company's story in all channels and media.

  • With advertising on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, you can reach almost anyone, but even the best content will be wasted if your target audience doesn’t get to see it. At TRY, we have extensive experience with advertising in social media, and we are happy to help when you are choosing distribution channels for your message.

  • Working with marketing planning is all about defining the position a brand must have to ensure growth based on information and knowledge about the market in which the brand operates. At TRY, our consultants can assist you with marketing planning so that your company is given a full overview of the steps you need to take to generate results.

  • Mass communication can be a cost-effective solution when you need to reach many people quickly. At TRY, we know how to increase awareness among new and existing customers through effective advertising in paid media, and we are happy to help you tailor a broad media mix.

  • A campaign page promotes a specific product, service, or event. Campaign landing pages can be crucial when you launch a campaign and are usually where your target audience lands first. At TRY, we have extensive experience in developing campaign sites and are happy to help you find a solution that suits your needs.

Advertising Key people

  • Kjetil Try

    Kjetil Try

    TRY Reklame | TRY


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    Morten Polmar



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    Ingrid Holstad



  • Pia Smistad

    Pia Smistad

    TRY Reklame

    Head of administration

  • Lars Joachim Grimstad

    Lars Joachim Grimstad

    TRY Reklame

    Creative director

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    Egil Pay

    TRY Reklame

    Creative director