What is the technological and commercial foundation for ark.no and the new e-commerce solution TRY has built together with ARK?


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ARK increased online sales by 25% during the first month after launching the new online store. Learn how Norway's leading online bookstore in leveraging e-commerce technology to meet the future. 


TRY Dig is proud to host a special event on the successful implementation of commercetools as a new ecommerce platform for ARK Bokhandel. Join us for a morning of insightful presentations and discussions on how modern technology can transform your business. 

During the event, you will hear from our expert speakers on the challenges and opportunities of implementing a new ecommerce platform. We will share our experiences and insights on how to successfully implement commercetools and overcome the challenges that come with it. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from our experience and gain valuable insights on how to successfully implement a new ecommerce platform. Register now to secure your spot! 

This event is suitable for:

  • Ecommerce managers who are responsible for managing and optimizing their company's ecommerce platform.

  • Executives who are considering implementing a new ecommerce platform for their business.

  • This event will provide valuable insights and knowledge for companies across industries that are interested in improving their ecommerce platform and leveraging modern technology to transform their business. 


  • Reimagining Retail Commerce in 2023 – why your strategic plan needs to start with modern technology.

  • Panel: Commercetools Implementation: A panel discussion on overcoming obstacles and achieving success.
    Ark Bokhandel, commercetools & TRY Dig

  • How to succeed within digital commerce in 2023.
    TRY Dig

  • Q&A 

  • Henrik Sørhaug

    Henrik Sørhaug

    TRY Dig

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